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Overcoming the E-Commerce Slowdown as a D2C Brand

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Guide for overcoming the E-Commerce Slowdown for D2C Brands at a glance

About the whitepaper:

The general economic slowdown experienced in the first two quarters of 2022 is beginning to be felt by the wider society. The inflation in the European Union is hitting record levels, coming in at 8.1% in May 2022. As the same trend can also be observed in the UK, the US and beyond, authorities across the world appear increasingly concerned about the risk of a recession.

In 2022 many tech and e-commerce companies have already suffered from inflation, supply chain constraints, changing consumer behaviour, reduced purchasing power and the general fear of the market.

With this guide, we aim to support Direct-to-Consumer brands and e-commerce sellers to successfully survive and thrive. A Case Study of the Harvard business review explains “Unfortunately, little research has been done on strategies that can help companies survive a recession, get ahead during a slow-growth recovery, and be ready to win when good times return.”. This is why we believe even more that this guide can be of interest to you.

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