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We are a tech-driven third-party logistics and fulfillment company on a mission to revolutionize the logistics industry.

By building a strong fulfillment network with experienced and qualified logistics service providers, we offer online retailers access to scalable fulfillment services that enable growth and bring online retailers closer to their customers. This helps businesses to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with regard to shipping, therefore ensuring customer satisfaction.

This is made possible by combining the synergies of our international fulfillment network and the cloud-based all-in-one fulfillment software that integrates with leading e-commerce systems, offering maximum automation and transparency.

We aim to provide a powerful fulfillment solution for e-commerce that empowers online retailers to grow their businesses and enables them to fulfill their potential.

Our Vision

Setting a new standard for e-commerce logistics by offering a scalable fulfillment solution to online shops.

Our Mission

To build the leading European network of warehouses which are interconnected via our technology and enable seamless European-wide fulfillment.

Our Philosophy & Values

We deliver customer enthusiasm

We are here to create remarkable experiences - for online merchants and their customers. We get things done. Above all, we have passion for what we do, and we aim at delivering customer enthusiasm, nothing less which is one of our care values here at byrd.

We are team-oriented

People matter more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve. We are all about building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships. We care about results, but not at the expense of people. Team comes first, everything else second.

We communicate solutions

Our curiosity sparks an endless appetite for learning. We can always be better and do better. Because of that mindset, we focus on communicating solutions, not problems, and we embrace mistakes but do not repeat them.

We build on trust

Trust is our foundation, so everything that we do should build trust. We take charge and show accountability on all levels and fronts.




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The Founders

Founders of byrd

With the rise of companies offering free shipping, free expedited shipping, hassle-free returns and other perks of online shopping, consumers have become more predisposed to buy items online. With that the trend of customers expecting near immediate results skyrocketed as well. In turn, small online shops faced the challenge of competing against established e-commerce giants and for them it was simply unrealistic to build its own logistics network that is in the position to match the quality and speed of services from the leading e-commerce Goliaths.

By aspiring to overcome this challenge we soon birthed our vision to build an international network of fulfillment locations and shipping partners that gives every online merchant access to a powerful logistics platform. Through such empowerment, we could aid all online merchants to utilize the logistics technology to manage and exceed customer expectations.

As the founders, we initially aimed at leveling out the playing field in e-commerce, but ended up on a mission to revolutionize the logistics industry with an amazing team of professionals with a passion for taking the e-commerce logistics to the next level.

The Management

Alexander Leichter

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Mach

Chief Technology Officer

Petra Dobrocka

Chief Commercial Officer

Chris Bourdeu

Chief Financial Officer

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