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Would you like to join us in revolutionizing the logistics industry? We are always looking for passionate:

Career Changer

Your motivation is more important to us than perfect grades, university degrees and a complete curriculum vitae. Every change means progress and we know that.


If you are looking for strict hierarchies and structures, you are unfortunately in the wrong place. We work at eye level, with a say for everyone.

Free Spirits

You like to work independently and on a foundation of trust. For us, the result is what counts, not the number of hours worked.


There’s no box for you to think out of in the first place. You have fun finding your own solutions, far away from scheme F.

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Who we are

A colorful mixture of entrepreneurs, techies, sales geniuses, word jugglers and jack of all trades. Find out more about our team here.

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What you can expect

  • Annual public transport tickets: we offer annual public transportation tickets to employees to compensate for the time they spend commuting and as an incentive to opt for the environmentally-friendly way of commuting to our offices. As our first entities were established in Austria & Germany, this perk is only currently available for Berlin & Vienna-based colleagues. Our HR team is working to extend this benefit to our other locations very soon.
  • Regular team events: we are always happy to meet for team lunches or a small break to unwind and have a (virtual) cup of your favorite brew. In addition, team-building and celebratory events are at the core of our social gatherings, bringing colleagues together to celebrate our achievements and growth.
  • Meaningful tasks: with us, you will have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that have a direct impact on our company and our customers. You will have an opportunity to work with a team of experienced and passionate professionals that care for you and your contributions to the team.
  • GROW with us: we have doubled in size each year since our inception in 2016 - and plan on continuing this trend. From a small Vienna back office to operating in seven countries, we want you to grow with us as we continue our quest to become the e-commerce fulfillment standard in Europe. Our barrier-free, open style of communication allows both new & tenured colleagues to impact key decisions & have their voices and ideas heard. Let's grow together.
  • Choose where you work: with a remote working culture & a selection of swanky new offices, you can work from the comfort of your own home or one of our groovy hubs. Save on commute time by working remotely, or join colleagues in our offices & take advantage of the benefits that they have to offer. From beer taps & baristas to foosball tables; these pet-friendly havens allow you to work & interact in a dynamic environment.
  • Gym membership package: we want our employees to be healthy, happy, and well-rested. Our work-related activities are diversified; our movement is not. In order to create a balance, we offer Urban Sports Club (Germany, France, Italy, Spain) and MyClubs (Vienna) membership to everyone at byrd.
  • Relocation assistance: we offer relocation for you and your family (and pets)! We work with top local relocation companies to help colleagues & their families relocate from all over the world. We have helped 20% of our current colleagues to relocate, and take pride in assisting soon-to-be byrdies to make the moving process as pain-free as possible.
  • Permanent contracts: we offer our colleagues permanent full-time contracts. We hope to work together and grow for a long time to come!
  • Tech pack and merch: we provide top-quality hardware that you need to help byrd move the needle. To top things off, we also provide lots of merch to our byrdies to keep us all swagged out.

Our office locations

Location Vienna

Our main office, located in the 4th District at Wiedner Hauptstraße 24/12a (1040 Vienna), has everything we need to tackle the challenges of revolutionizing the e-commerce fulfillment industry. It is cozy, functional, and modern, which is why you'll always feel comfortable there — and never bored.

Location Berlin

If you're looking for an office with a little bit of everything, look no further! Based in the heart of Berlin, our office is always buzzing with creativity and innovative ideas. Join us in the city that is perfect for all ex-pats who wish to experience the melting pot of cultures and be at the forefront of the startup industry.

Location Barcelona

If you love the sun and cannot live without the sea close by, our Barcelona office location is just right for you. The city's full of great food, sunny beaches, and cool art. It's a mix of work and play here, and our office vibe matches that. You'll be teaming up with creative folks who love what they do and where they do it.

Location Milan

Milan's the place if you're into fashion and business - or just great food and drinks. Join us in this stylish, buzzing city. You get to be where the action is, with the bonus of Italian coffee and culture to spice up your workday. How cool is that?

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