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Procuros is our technology partner that gives you access to premium integrations and helps you streamline and scale your logistics.

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About Procuros

Procuros is a platform that offers a central connection to leading retail companies and seamlessly integrates with your ERP in minutes. Businesses and e-commerce brands across the globe are connecting to trade partners and exchanging documents via Procuros.

One connection for all partners - integrated into your ERP in minutes.

By integrating byrd via Procuros, you can quickly digitize your fulfillment processes while gaining access to a large network of trade partners. This means you don’t have to stop at digitizing your fulfillment processes.

Digitize all documents along the order-to-cash flow: From ordering at your suppliers to sending invoices to your customers.

By working with byrd and Procuros, you can rest assured that both your goods and documents flow smoothly for maximum customer satisfaction.

Eliminate bottlenecks in your Supply Chain

Explore how the technology partnership between Procuros and byrd unlocks seamless and scalable fulfillment processes

1. Connect byrd with the e-commerce or ERP system of your choice

Procuros connects to your ERP system in 10 minutes, with no manual integrations, and will handle all requirements to streamline your order flow process with byrd. Benefit from a one-stop-shop platform supporting a wide range of additional international mapping formats. The pre-built Procuros integration enables a seamless connection into our system, enabling the quick import of all necessary data from your systems.

No more long, costly IT projects. Use your resources for what counts.

  • JTL 
  • SAP 
  • NetSuite
  • Weclapp 
  • Tradebyte
  • Microsoft Business Central
  • Haufe x360
  • Odoo 

2. Get access to a European Fulfillment Network to store your goods with byrd

Send us your products and use our dashboard to control your inventory. Improve your inventory placement by dividing your stock across multiple warehouses in the leading European countries to cut down on delivery times and transportation expenses.

3. Start your journey of seamless and same-day fulfillment

Orders in your ERP and e-commerce systems get automatically transmitted to byrd’s fulfillment software with all necessary information and in the right format. With flexible shipping options, 97% on-time shipping, and 99% fulfillment accuracy we ensure your customers benefit from a great delivery experience.

One Connection. One Fulfillment Solution. Numerous Benefits.

The synergy of Procuros’ powerful platform and byrd’s European fulfillment network enables fast-growing international brands to streamline business information exchange and get access to scalable logistics services.

Flexible Storage

Distribute your products wisely across our network of fulfillment centers throughout Europe. To meet your customers' expectations, you can save on transportation costs and delivery times through flexible warehouse distribution.

Automated order fulfillment

Seamless transmission of incoming orders to our logistics centers thanks to the ready-made Procuros integration and other connections makes it possible to automate your fulfillment process.


International shipping

Sell your products under the best conditions all over the world. We take care of customs clearance and all other necessary procedures, simplifying global shipping. So you can easily reach new markets.

Smart Prices

To determine the best delivery option for you, we check the shipping costs of the most popular parcel services. Take advantage of our volume discounts; the more you send, the more you can save.

Same-Day Fulfillment

We are here to exceed your customers' high expectations. byrd offers same-day fulfillment, with national product delivery taking 1-2 days.


Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! Our customer service team will take care of your concerns and handle package clarifications and claims for you.

A state-of-the-art logistics solution

byrd's cutting-edge fulfillment solution from byrd optimizes your Procuros fulfillment and ensures optimal transparency in the supply chain.
byrd's laptop dashboard

Click & Ship Logistics

  • Outsourcing and managing the entire logistics with just a few clicks.
  • Automatic transmission of shipment data to the online store so that your recipients can also track their shipment.
byrd's store integrations showcased on a laptop.

Smooth integration with Procuros

  • Optimized and flexible shipping solutions with the help of Procuros.
  • Order information is forwarded automatically.
byrd's tracking portal

Real-Time Tracking

  • Real-time tracking of shipments and stock levels.
  • Data is transferred automatically from byrd to Procuros so that customers can track the status of their orders.
byrd's intelligent logistics.

Intelligent logistics solution for Procuros

  • Provision of all the data reports you need
  • Support in shortening delivery times and reducing shipping costs.

Explore the numerous connections you can get access to

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500+ companies from numerous industries, sizes and countries trust byrd with their logistics

What our customers say

"To be competitive in France, a fast service is very important for us. Our customers receive their parcels within 48 hours, which is fantastic! In addition, the number of lost parcels has dropped dramatically, which increases overall customer satisfaction."
"With byrd, we have found a partner that integrates our store system in just a few minutes and implements projects quickly."

“We both follow the same mission: Helping our customers focus on their core business while they grow and expand internationally by taking away the added complexity that comes with it. And we’re both committed to finding flexible and innovative solutions for our customers.”

We are happy to take care of your logistics

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