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Use byrds logistics center in England, be closer to your customers and optimize shipping prices and shipping times

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With its 67 million population and high purchasing power, the United Kingdom is an attractive sales market by any measure. But what's even more true for online retailers: the UK e-commerce sector ranks in fact third in the world in turnover, and first in Europe for purchasing rate.

In a market as mature as the United Kingdom, spectacular order fulfillment services can easily become the key to getting the edge over the competition. If you manage an online store and are looking to expand or optimize your distribution in Britain, byrd might just be the third-party logistics partner you need. Take a tour of our London warehouse, and discover our wider European fulfillment network and cutting-edge supply chain management platform!

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Our platform

Ship from our fulfillment centers in the UK and reach your customers more effectively

The first idea behind byrd’s bespoke services is getting you closer to your customers. Our fulfillment warehouses in the United Kingdom are equipped with heavy-duty racking as well as pallet spaces, enabling them to store items of all sizes.
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Fulfillment Center London

With its strategic location in the London metropolitan area, our fulfillment warehouse has access to the best transport links in the country and the world’s busiest airport. This purpose-built hub is positioned alongside two major motorways, in a perfect spot for receiving air freight coming from Heathrow, making restocking of goods significantly faster.

You can find more information about our fulfillment center in London on its dedicated page.

  • 45.000 m²
Warehouse map location in the UK

Fulfillment Center S.W. England

Our fulfillment warehouse in South West England is strategically located to receive air cargo from both Bristol and Oxford Airport, as well as sea freight from Newport. This 3PL center is ideal for shipments to customers all over the UK due to its access to some of the best overland transport infrastructure the country has to offer.

  • 45.000 m²

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Take a virtual 360° tour of one of our UK fulfillment warehouse

With byrd's proprietary software your stock will be efficiently picked and packed and successfully manage shipment peaks while keeping a high fulfillment accuracy. Care to take a closer look? Our interactive warehouse tour will take you into the thick of it! To begin the tour, click and drag your mouse to use the 360° function or alternatively, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. To move around the premises, click on the green arrow icon.

Warehousing services & qualifications

Store your products worry-free in byrd's 3PL warehouse in the UK. Upon receipt of an order, the goods are immediately prepared for shipment and handed over to the parcel service. We also handle returns. Like all warehouses in the international byrds network, this one is fully equipped to industry standards.

Picking & Packing

All orders are picked, packed and dispatched on the same day. Depending on your requirements, our warehouse can use single-older or multi-order picking methods, which makes it easier to process large batches quickly. Beyond assembling your orders, we provide you with customized packaging options, an invaluable tool to improve your brand awareness.

The packaging materials in use at our center include:

  • Folding carton
  • Polybag
  • Paper Filling Material (Brown)
  • LDPE Shipping Document Envelope (Red/Transparent)
  • Polymer Tape (Brown)


Our warehouses are licensed to store all kinds of inventory, and accredited to operate in an environmentally-friendly way.

  • Environment program (in partnership with The Soil Association)
  • HACCP System
  • Handling/storage of dangerous goods
  • ADR 1.3 (coordination of dangerous goods regulations in road transport)
  • BIO Certificate
  • Handling of alcohol and liquids

Speciality Storage

Our UK e-commerce fulfillment setup enables you to stock food and organic products, even if requiring temperature control between a 13-25°C range. You can also safely store valuable, fragile, or dangerous inventory in accordance with British regulations. The warehouses boast a state-of-the-art security system and our software tracks all inventory movements in and out of the premises.

Unlock next-day delivery with the top logistics companies in the UK

Fast, inexpensive and reliable shipping is another mainstay of byrd’s order fulfillment solutions. Now, let’s not mince words: when it comes to customer expectations on delivery, Amazon is what every retailer must benchmark themselves against. With byrd, you are able to offer next-day delivery for all national orders with the most trusted transportation companies in the United Kingdom.

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Special UK Delivery Services

Britain is a great market to invest in a state-of-the-art order fulfillment setup. Shipping costs are relatively low, thanks to postage rates among the lowest in Europe and reliable transport infrastructure. What’s more, logistics companies in the United Kingdom offer delivery options you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

  • RM Articles for the Blind. Delivered print or electronic media equipment and aids to visually impaired customers
  • DPD exhibition services
  • Popular apps, with special features for customer experience
  • Saturday & Sunday delivery

Worldwide dispatch

Do you want your products stored in the UK to reach every corner of the world? Our strong pan-European network of shipping providers can do just that - allowing you to take advantage of the best deal for every delivery.

A large number of long-term logistics partners brings many advantages. For one, customs clearance is no longer a problem thanks to the combined expertise of the partners. In addition, you are no longer susceptible to logistical bottlenecks at peak times and unexpected problems such as strikes.

Find the most cost-effective delivery service and get the best solution for you and your customers.

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Why you should trust your order fulfillment in the UK to byrd

With our fulfillment location in the UK, we enable you to be as close as possible to the end customer and reduce both delivery times and shipping costs. This way you save costs in logistics and at the same time achieve a higher customer satisfaction through attractive shipping conditions. With the help of byrd, you can outsource, manage and optimize your entire e-commerce logistics with cloud-based software. Digital interfaces to various e-commerce systems enable a fully integrated fulfillment solution and automated order processing. With a logistics location in the UK and access to our international fulfillment network, you can offer your customers fast, reliable and worldwide shipping.

What our customers say

"With byrd, we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and quickly implements projects."
"To be competitive in France, fast service is really important for us. Our customers receive their parcel in 48 hours, which is amazing! We’ve also seen our lost parcel number decrease drastically which helps increase the overall customer satisfaction."

These businesses are already shipping effectively with byrd

Retailers from all sectors, sizes, and countries already entrust byrd with their logistics.

Your advantages with byrd Fulfillment

Seamless Connection

With the byrd API you can smoothly integrate your existing ERP and merchandise management systems

Fair Prices

Advantageous conditions & low costs for high-quality services

Same-Day Fulfillment

For orders placed before 12:00, we hand over the packages to parcel services on the same day

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Next-Day Delivery

The package will be delivered to your customers the next day


Eco-Friendly Shipping

Send your packages with climate friendly alternatives

Effective Scaling

Explore new markets outside Germany without risk and grow at your pace


Customizable Packaging

Choose from numerous packaging options and seize branding opportunities.

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Returns Portal

Returns are no longer an issue with byrds. Use our customizable returns portal and byrd's logistics setup.

Our other fulfillment locations in Europe

Our fulfillment network helps your business grow, both in the UK online market and internationally. Our warehouse network in Europe covers all major markets and enables you to process orders quickly and efficiently. You can use individual logistics warehouses or strategically distribute your goods to avoid delays, be closer to your customers or expand into new European markets.

Frequently asked questions about byrd's fulfillment services in UK

How long does it take to ship my UK orders?

Your customers' expectations are high - and we're here to meet them. We offer same-day fulfillment in the UK, so shipments within the UK are delivered within 1-2 days.

Who will deliver my orders in the UK?

We work with leading logistics service providers throughout Europe. In the UK, these are DPD, Parcelforce and Royal Mail Kingdom in particular. Our logistics partners have over 25 years of operational experience and a strong local team that ensures excellence, a pragmatic approach and smooth operations across all product categories. When you use byrd's platform, you can access ideal shipping services from your connected fulfillment network.

How big are byrd's e-commerce warehouses in the UK?

Our fulfillment centers in the UK offer over 90,000 square feet of warehouse space and are equipped with heavy-duty shelving and pallet storage, so you can store items of almost any size for extended periods of time.

Where are byrd's fulfillment centers located?

With its strategic location in Greater London, our fulfillment warehouse in the UK provides access to the best transport links in the country and the busiest airport in the world. The purpose-built hub is located on two major freeways and is perfect for receiving air freight from Heathrow.

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