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Electronics Fulfillment for E-Commerce Merchants

We live in a world where emerging technologies and consumer electronics play an increasingly important role. Innovations are always on the horizon whether it's high-tech accessories or wearable devices, hardware, or appliances. Electronics is one of the largest industries in e-commerce and is expected to continue to grow. As sales increase, the supply chain, including electronics fulfillment, is under increased pressure.

Electronic product fulfillment is complicated since the electronics must be packaged securely, delivered quickly, and protected from damage. Even the most complex electronic orders can be picked, packed, and distributed by byrd using the latest warehouse technology. With our electronic fulfillment services, customers will receive their devices with superior speed, security, and care.

Become Single-Source With a Multichannel Integration

It is common for electronic companies to sell their products in-store, online, and on third-party websites. Hence, multi-channel integration is essential for all sales, order processing, and order fulfillment processes.

byrd's fulfillment solutions seamlessly integrate with the most popular e-commerce platforms, such as WooCommerce and Shopify, online marketplaces like Amazon, marketplace integrators such as ChannelEngine, and others.

Retailers now have instant access to all important data, including order status, delivery status, returns, and inventory levels, in real-time. Our re-order notifications ensure you have access to your products at all times.

Fulfill Your Potential

Secure pet supplies warehousing, customized packaging solutions, fast worldwide shipping, and fair prices.

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What our customers say

"With byrd, we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and quickly implements projects."
"To be competitive in France, fast service is really important for us. Our customers receive their parcel in 48 hours, which is amazing! We’ve also seen our lost parcel number decrease drastically which helps increase the overall customer satisfaction."

Certified Logistics Center for Electronics Fulfillment

You need to take extra precautions when storing electronics, because they are usually expensive goods. Their high value makes them more susceptible to theft than most other products. When you use the security options of byrd's ISO-certified electronics warehouses, you can be sure that your products are protected at all times. The facility has several security measures in place, including security guards and inventory tracking systems.

Track your products and use serial numbers

Serial number tracking creates a complete supply chain history for a given product.

  • Traceability - For each product with a serial number, there is a record of outgoing movement.
  • Damage Prevention - Make sure you receive the correct products in the event of a return.
byrd's new warehouse software.
Packaging process at byrd

Enhance Customer Experience With Customized Packaging

On the one hand, the packaging of your products is important to protect the items. On the other hand, it is the first actual touchpoint with the online shopper and an important factor in branding - haptic and visual impressions are crucial for a positive unboxing experience.

With byrd as your partner for the fulfillment of electronic products, you can easily and uncomplicatedly adapt your packaging to the needs of your brand.

  • Save packaging costs through suitable packaging and filling material
  • Guarantee safe delivery
Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods in electrical appliances and consumer electronics

Both Logstik Centers and Electrical Equipment Fulfillment Partners often require licenses to store and ship lithium batteries to meet regulatory requirements.

byrd's warehouse and package management system reliably detects hazardous materials and applies internal logic to determine which goods cannot be stored or transported together.

Reliable shipment of electrical equipment

We take care of your shipping needs and provide you with a real-time overview of orders, inventory returns and more.Ship your orders faster, improve the customer experience and increase your revenue.
byrd's carriers: dpd, dhl, colissimo, seven senders, post NL, post AT, DHL, DHL Express etc...


To offer your customers a combination of reliable and fast deliveries and reasonable prices, we work with all major parcel services and negotiate the best deals for you.

Turn returns into a competitive advantage

Managing returns logistics for consumer electronics brands is critical to achieving margins and profits. The ability to efficiently inspect and return saleable items to inventory while providing a seamless customer experience is essential.

So how can you improve your customers' user experience and relieve your support team? The best way is with a returns portal that they can operate themselves.

Fulfill Your Potential

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Gain Easy Access to New Markets

Do you want to expand your cosmetics brand into new markets? Become single-source and take advantage of our strategically placed health and beauty fulfillment centers in the EU and UK. Speed up your deliveries and reduce CO2 emissions by using a health, beauty, and cosmetic warehouse closer to your customers.
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