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The future of e-commerce lies in
sustainable fulfillment

Opting for sustainable fulfillment solutions can greatly benefit your e-commerce business by successfully addressing the increasing demand for sustainability from your consumers.

79% of all customers said it is important for brands to provide full transparency and authenticity, like sustainability certifications, when they’re purchasing goods.

Over two-thirds of purpose-driven shoppers pay an added premium of 35% more per upfront cost for sustainable purchases, such as recycled or eco-friendly goods.


70% of millennials say that a company’s environmental focus influences their purchase decisions and would rather choose environmentally friendly shipping.

More than half (57%) of surveyed online shoppers state that they are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact.

Sustainable shipping options at byrd

Shipping sustainably has never been simpler. Our shipping partners currently offer various climate-neutral delivery options. Join our network and upgrade your shipping by going green! You can find more information about the services we can offer in the sections below and please get in touch with us to find out more.
DHL Go Green

GoGreen shipping with DHL

DHL offers environmentally friendly shipping for all packages. GoGreen environmental protection program encompasses a set of climate protection projects that offset greenhouse gas emissions arising during parcel transport. Their 100% climate-neutral Germany-wide shipping comes at no extra costs for the customers.
dpd group

Carbon-neutral shipping with DPD

DPD is carbon-neutral since 2012 and they provide carbon-neutral shipping for all parcels across Europe – without any additional costs for customers and recipients. By measuring their carbon footprint per parcel, their aim is to reduce it, if possible, and offsetting the remaining emissions by funding clean energy projects worldwide.
GLS Climate Protect

ClimateProtect shipping with GLS Germany

GLS Germany is delivering their parcels 100% climate-neutral under their KlimaProtect program. This applies to all parcels delivered in Germany and abroad. GLS KlimaProtect is based on two pillars – reduction and avoidance of greenhouse emissions and offsetting of unavoidable emissions to achieve climate neutrality.
* Please note that shipping by DPD cannot be guaranteed for all warehouses in Germany and depends on the type of products to be shipped and the shipping volume. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Upgrade your e-commerce fulfillment with sustainable shipping!

Become one of the successful companies whose business we revolutionize with our logistics solutions and sustainable shipping options. Get in touch with us today and benefit from our state-of-the-art warehouse network with high industry standards!

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