Towards A More Sustainable Ecommerce Supply Chain

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Achieving a more sustainable supply chain: Turning challenges into opportunities

Meet the demand of today's customers

85% of people say that they have shifted their purchase behavior towards more sustainable options in the past 5 years.

Reduce emissions and waste with sustainable practices

5 million tons of waste is generated through returns every year and packaging is a critical component when it comes to waste management.


Overcome the challenges of last-mile delivery

1 out of 3 online shoppers is willing to pay more for sustainable delivery.

Build a sustainable product and brand

61% of customers feel like sustainability is the company's responsibility.

Guide towards a more sustainable e-commerce supply chain

About the E-book:

Over the last few years, the development of global e-commerce has become a truism. It is undeniable that the market has grown with the influx of new-to-online customers and existing trends have accelerated. The behaviors emerging have forced a remarkable digital shift for brands and supply chain experts due to an exponential increase in online sales, but also several logistics criticalities such as delays and shortages of materials and workforce. While the situation may sound both challenging and exciting business-wise, it has led to an increased negative impact on the environment.

The impact of a globalized supply chain on the environment is certified. With ever more consumers willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce their carbon footprint, e-commerce companies have given increasing attention to building more eco-friendly processes.

This e-book aims to outline the context of the current challenges and provide a concise guide on moving towards a more sustainable model. In that matter, we have joined forces with several partners, experts in logistics and e-commerce, to cover the main steps of the supply chain:

Furthermore, this e-book offers a breadth of knowledge, best practices, and tips to help your business and supply chain setup be more sustainable. We also prepared an infographic roadmap at the end of the guide, enabling you to get started right away.

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