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Your partner for 3PL in the Italian e-commerce market

Online shopping in Italy has rapidly become a mass phenomenon, closing a few years' gaps with other EU countries and maintaining growth into 2022. Today, an e-commerce sector ranked 5th in the continent and 14th globally makes opening or expanding an online store in Italy an inviting prospect.

As in all mature markets, the quality of your e-commerce fulfillment in Italy is a key factor in standing out from the competition. That's where byrd's 3PL services come in. With our Italian warehouse, we bring you closer to your end customers and reduce delivery times and costs. Gain access to a network of fulfillment centers across Europe and a state-of-the-art digital platform.

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Our platform

Ship from our warehouse in Italy and reach your customers more effectively

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Working with a 3PL partner established in the country where you sell your products gives you the opportunity to bring them closer to your end customer. Our Italian warehouse is located in the province of Pavia, in a logistics-intensive area close to major trans-European corridors as well as to Malpensa Hub Airport. From here, your stock can reach the rest of the country in 24-48 hours, traveling on the best transport routes in the country.

Our fulfillment centers in Italy offer warehousing and packaging services for all types of goods 57,200 square meters of storage space. They have more than 50 loading docks for container deliveries and tens of thousands of storage spaces.

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Take a virtual tour of our 3PL warehouse in Italy

Would you like to see our Italian logistics center with your own eyes? Click on the interactive image and use the mouse or arrow keys to change perspective. To move between rooms, click on the green arrows.

Capabilities of our Italian order fulfillment centers

When you make a sale, your products stored in byrd's Italian logistics center are processed and shipped on the same day. The warehouse is fully racked and equipped to store bulky, fragile, and biological goods.

Picking & Packing

With byrd's fulfillment management platform, your orders are transmitted to the warehouse in real time. Packages are picked, packed and delivered to the courier on the same day.

Customized Packaging in Italy

Recognizable packaging is a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition, and we are ready to meet your every request. You can choose the materials you prefer, in addition to those already in stock such as:

  • Filling material
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sustainable FM
Packaging process at byrd


Like all the hubs in our international fulfillment network, our Italian fulfillment warehouse is qualified to handle all major product categories. Our partners operate with a full commitment to sustainability and actively participate in projects to reduce environmental impact.

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Enable next day shipping with the best logistics companies in Italy

Online shoppers' expectations in Italy are also tuned to the shipping services offered by industry leaders. Fast delivery is key for 42 percent of Italian consumers, while 35 percent are willing to pay more for next-day delivery. However, not all stores can provide the speed, security, and convenience guaranteed by the likes of Amazon and Zalando.

Here, too, our fulfillment services in Italy can enable you to bridge the gap. With byrd, you get access to a network of carriers that includes the most established companies in the Belpaese, and you can ensure next-day delivery after purchase across the national territory.

Poste Italiane
byrd's new warehouse software.

Worldwide shipping from Italy

Do you want your Italy-stored products to reach every corner of the world? Our network of couriers spans Europe and will allow you to ship to any destination without having to worry about customs clearance or bottlenecks during peak periods.

Shipping service features

Given the growing market and high competitiveness, an important goal for online stores in Italy is to ensure an optimal buying experience. For this reason, byrd's local shipping service includes serial number tracking, which is particularly valuable for e-commerce companies.

We also take care of the return logistics: Your customers can use our company portal and returns are handled automatically.

A large delivery
Hand taking cold cans from a box in a temperature controlled warehouse

Temperature controlled storage

The fulfillment center near Milan is equipped with temperature measurement and control. This allows you to store and handle products such as cosmetics, food and the like safely and without any problems.

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Why choose byrd's e-commerce fulfillment services in Italy

Besides getting closer to your customers with our Italian warehousing and shipping services, with byrd you can manage the entire fulfillment of your store with all-in-one software. Our cloud-based platform integrates with all major e-commerce systems in just a few clicks and allows you to monitor and optimize your logistics in real time.

What our customers say

"With byrd, we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and quickly implements projects."
"To be competitive in France, fast service is really important for us. Our customers receive their parcel in 48 hours, which is amazing! We’ve also seen our lost parcel number decrease drastically which helps increase the overall customer satisfaction."

These businesses are already shipping effectively with byrd

Retailers from all sectors, sizes, and countries already entrust byrd with their logistics.

The advantages in having byrd as a partner for 3PL in Italy

Seamless Connection

With the byrd API you can smoothly integrate your existing ERP and merchandise management systems

Fair Prices

Advantageous conditions & low costs for high-quality services

Same-Day Fulfillment

For orders placed before 12:00, we hand over the packages to parcel services on the same day

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Next-Day Delivery

Your customers in Italy will receive their parcel the very next day.


Eco-Friendly Shipping

Send your packages with climate friendly alternatives

Effective Scaling

Explore new markets outside Germany without risk and grow at your pace


Customizable Packaging

Choose from numerous packaging options and seize branding opportunities.

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Returns Portal

Returns are no longer a problem with byrds. Use our customizable returns portaland byrd's logistics setup.

Our other fulfillment locations in Europe

Our fulfillment network helps your business grow, both in the Italian online market and internationally. Our warehouse network in Europe covers all major markets and allows you to process orders quickly and efficiently. You can use individual logistics warehouses or strategically distribute your goods to avoid delays, be closer to your customers or expand to new European markets.

FAQs about byrds fulfillment services in Italy

How long does it take to ship my orders to Italy?

The expectations of your Italian customers are high, and we are here to meet them. That's why we offer same-day picking in Italy, so your buyers will receive their package within 1-2 days.

Which parcel service delivers my orders in Italy?

We work with the best logistics providers throughout Europe, especially Bartolini, Poste Italiane and GLS in Italy. Years of experience and a wide range of services, ideal for shipping your products to Southern Europe and around the world.

How big are byrd's Ecommerce warehouses in Italy?

Our fulfillment centers in Italy have a total of 57,200 m² of warehouse space. It is fully equipped with racks and can handle heavy loads and pallets, allowing items of almost all sizes to be stored even for long periods of time.

Where are byrd's fulfillment centers located in Italy?

Since 2022 byrd in Italy has a modern logistics center in the province of Pavia, on the border between Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. Our warehouse has access to the best road connections in the country and is close to Malpensa airport.

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