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The best way to lift yourself up, is to lift up someone else.

Partnerships that create value and accelerate growth

Profit from synergies

From integrated service solutions to strategic long-term commercial partnerships; our partnerships create meaningful value for all stakeholders involved.

Gain more reach

With blog collaborations, co-branded events and other forms of cooperation you can gain extended reach and present your brand in front of fast growing e-commerce businesses.

Improve your brand's positioning

Strategic partnerships are a great way to improve the brand reputation and to strengthen your positioning within the e-commerce industry.

Why we believe in partnerships

We believe that the best way to lift yourself up, is to lift up someone else. With this in mind, we partner with the e-commerce shop systems, agencies, technology companies and startups to help brands innovate and succeed.

Conjointly with many of the leading e-commerce technology providers, as well as marketplace and system integrators, warehouse and inventory systems, we help e-commerce retailers to give their consumers outstanding customer service and on-time delivery for every online purchase.

What is important to us is that we nourish the e-commerce ecosystem, bring value to our customers and share our values and principles. In addition, we believe partnerships are about creating synergies and not just about maximizing the profit.

Become a partner

Optional benefit – Recommend byrd and earn a provision

Do you know someone who owns an online shop and ships products? Or do you run an agency that specializes in e-commerce? Then recommend our service and earn an attractive provision (up to € 2,000) when the company becomes a customer of ours.

The amount of the bonus depends on the size of the online shop, which is measured by the order quantity per month.

How It Works

How it works

Register for our partner program

Sign up for our partner program and choose a personal referral code to generate your link. You will need this code when recommending byrd to others, as this is the only way we can assign the recommendations to you. You will receive your code and the link after the registration together with further information and the terms and conditions.

Recommend and promote byrd

Share your personal referral link with companies by linking us, for example, in e-mails, on the website or similar. Please make sure that the link has been implemented correctly. This is the only way we can assign requests received via our website (the button “Request offer”) exactly to you.

Earn an attractive provision

If the recommended shop becomes our customer and starts shipping, you will get an attractive provision paid out. Since the storage process and the achievement of the usual shipping volume takes some time, the amount of the bonus is calculated on the basis of the order quantity in the 3rd month after shipping start.

Become a partner

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