7 Fulfillment Tips For Your Success In E-Commerce

Optimize your ecommerce fulfillment and turn your logistics into a competitive advantage

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The Underestimated Power of Logistics

Logistics can make or break your business

12% of merchants are unprofitable due to distribution costs in logistics. In contrast, 39.4% of merchants outsource at least some of their fulfillment.

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Quality of order delivery became paramount

94% of consumers blame retailers for poor order delivery and 80% of online shoppers stop doing business with a company because of poor customer experience.


Optimized returns management is crucial for success

Costs for reverse logistics amounted to $550 billion in 2020 and 57% of retailers stated managing returns has a negative impact on their business.

Deliver customer enthusiasm, not bad experiences

73% of consumers prefer brands that personalize the shopping experience and 40% consider the post-purchase experience to be the most memorable.

Your ticket to success in e-commerce

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Online retailing offers a great opportunity for direct-to-consumer brands to compete successfully with online giants and established brands. However, one of the biggest challenges is logistics, which requires many resources. The online store's fulfillment and shipping strategy plays a bigger role in a company's success than many would expect. A good logistics setup is not only an important cost factor, but can also be instrumental in optimizing conversion rates and thus increasing sales.In this document, we present 7 tips for improving logistics that will help you reach your full potential - including a checklist on the penultimate page of this document to help you implement them in your business.

Take your e-commerce logistics to a new level.

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