Warehousing and E-Commerce Fulfilment in the Netherlands

Join our fulfilment network and utilise our logistics centre in the Netherlands to streamline shipments.

Your fulfilment partner in the Dutch e-commerce market

It is widely recognised that the Netherlands is one of the European pioneers in e-commerce. This is partly due to its geographical location and longstanding history of trade: a major factor making it a hotspot for cross-border logistics is the well-known bounty of seaports. Another component is the Dutch public's affinity for the Internet and e-shop purchases.

The focus is primarily on trade with the UK, but also with Scandinavia and the European mainland. Due to an above-average GDP per capita, the Netherlands can be an extremely profitable but demanding market. Outsourcing your e-commerce fulfilment in the Netherlands to byrd will bring you closer to your customers in Holland and Northern Europe, enabling your shop to deliver your orders quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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Reach your customers faster with our fulfilment centre in the Netherlands

byrd's warehouse location in the Netherlands.

byrd's customized service is designed to bring you closer to your customers. Our fulfilment warehouse in the Netherlands is strategically located a couple hours' drive from Europe's biggest seaport of Rotterdam, ideal to speed up the restocking process. The dedicated hub is situated between two major motorways, in a perfect spot for receiving air cargo from Eindhoven Airport as well.

Our 16,000 m² hub is equipped with sturdy racks and pallet storage for storing items of all sizes. Through byrd's proprietary software, you can manage shipment peaks efficiently, maintain high fulfilment accuracy, and select and pack your inventory efficiently.

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Take a virtual 360° tour of our warehouses in the Netherlands

Use the 360° function by clicking and dragging your cursor, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard to begin the virtual tour. The green arrow icon allows you to move around the warehouse.

Warehousing services & qualifications in our Dutch warehouse

 Our 3PL warehouse in the Netherlands manages your stock until it is ready for shipping, and all returns are processed through our software’s return portal. Like all centers in byrd's European fulfilment network, it is fully compliant with industry standards.

Picking & Packing

We pick, pack, and dispatch every order on the same day. Our warehouse uses single or multiple order picking depending on your requirements, enabling quick processing of larger batches. Apart from assembling your order, we also provide options for customized packaging, a strategy that can greatly improve your brand recognition.

Our center use packaging materials that include:

  • Bubble bag
  • Sleeves
  • Folding carton
  • Paper Filling Material for Polybags (Brown)
  • LDPE Shipping Document Envelope C4, C5, Long DIN (Transparent)
  • Bubble Wrap (Transparent)
  • Polymer Tape (Transparent)

Certifications & Licences

Our goal is not only to provide you with a high-quality service, but also to offer one that is environmentally friendly. For this purpose, we continuously work on reducing CO2 emissions, improving waste management, and keeping ourselves up to date with the highest industry standards.

  • ISO 9001
  • HACCP system
  • BIO/Organic certification
  • GNP Food Licence

Speciality Storage

Our e-commerce fulfilment centre in the Netherlands is temperature controlled. This enables you to easily store food and organic products. You can also store fragile or dangerous goods in line with EU regulations.

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Unlock next-day delivery with the best logistics companies in the Netherlands

Worldwide shipping from the Netherlands

Do you want to ship goods stored in the Netherlands to other countries? With our logistics center in the Netherlands, you get access to an international fulfilment network. And you can offer your customers fast, reliable, and worldwide deliveries. Our close cooperation with numerous parcel delivery companies in the Netherlands and other countries comes with many benefits:

  • Expertise experience with customs
  • No logistical bottlenecks during peak season
  • Unexpected delivery issues can be solved swiftly
  • Increased confidence among buyers
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Special delivery services in Netherlands

Britain is a great market to invest in a state-of-the-art order fulfilment setup. Shipping costs are relatively low,thanks to postage rates among the lowest in Europe and reliable transport infrastructure. What’s more, logistics companies in the United Kingdom offer delivery options you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

  • Same-day or next-day delivery options
  • Saturday & Sunday delivery

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Why you should trust byrd with your order fulfilment in the Netherlands

Our fulfilment location in the Netherlands allows you to get as close as possible to your end customers, reducing both delivery time and shipping costs. This way, you save on logistics costs while achieving higher customer satisfaction through shipping conditions on par with the most popular Dutch marketplaces. With the help of byrd, you can outsource, manage, and optimise your entire e-commerce logistics using a single cloud-based platform. A digital interface to various e-commerce systems enables a fully integrated fulfilment solution and automated order processing.

What Our Customers Say

"With byrd, we found a fulfillment provider that provides both sustainable delivery options and gets us closer to our customers with the different warehouse locations."
"To be competitive in France, fast service is really important for us. Our customers receive their parcel in 48 hours, which is amazing! We’ve also seen our lost parcel number decrease drastically which helps increase the overall customer satisfaction."

Your advantages with byrd as a partner for 3PL in the Netherlands

Seamless Integrations

With the byrd API you can smoothly integrate your existing ERP and merchandise management systems

Fair Prices

Advantageous conditions & flexible prices for reliable services

Same-Day Fulfilment

Orders received before 12:00 are handed over to delivery services the same day

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Next-Day Delivery

Your consumers will receive their orders the next day


Sustainable Shipping

Send your packages using environmentally friendly alternatives.

Efficient Expansion

Explore new markets without risk and grow at your own pace


Individual Packaging

Choose from numerous packaging options and take advantage of branding opportunities

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Returns Portal

Satisfied customers thanks to the customisable return portal

These companies are already shipping successfully with byrd

Retailers from diverse industries, sizes and countries already entrust their logistics to byrd.

FAQs regarding the byrd's fulfilment centre in the Netherlands

How quickly are orders delivered in the Netherlands?

The expectations of consumers in the Netherlands are high - with byrd you can meet them and offer your customers next-day delivery. Orders placed before 12:00 noon will be handed over to our delivery staff the same day and delivered within 1-2 days.

What is the size of byrd's Dutch e-commerce warehouse?

Our logistics centre in the Netherlands offers 16,000 square meters of storage space and is fully equipped with heavy-duty racks and pallet storage. This enables the storage of items of all sizes and also for longer periods of time.

Where in the Netherlands byrd's fulfilment centre located?

With its strategic location near Eindhoven Airport, our fulfilment warehouse in the Netherlands has access to the best transport links in the country. This purpose-built hub is located on two major highways, making it perfect for receiving air freight and distributing deliveries throughout the country.

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