E-Commerce Fulfillment in Germany: Warehousing & Shipping

Get access to our German network of fulfilment centres and all-in-one logistics software

Your partner for 3PL in the German e-commerce market

Germany is an extremely attractive market for online retailers of all kinds due to its strong purchasing power, high e-commerce penetration, and geographic location in the centre of the continent.

Working with a top fulfilment company in Germany can provide a brand the edge it needs to stand out in a highly competitive market.

If you manage an online shop or work for an e-commerce business, byrd might be the partner you've been looking for to optimise your order fulfilment, shipping, and storage in Germany and beyond.

Explore our German logistics network, which includes 15 hubs spread across 7 Bundesländer, and virtually visit one of our 3PL warehouses. Learn more about the partnerships that make it possible for your orders to be delivered the next day and the cutting-edge platform that enables you to handle everything with ease.

Map of Germany.





byrd Platform

Ship from our fulfilment warehouses in Germany to reach your customers quickly

Why not store your products close to your customers if you want to reach them more quickly? Our extensive network of fulfilment hubs in strategic locations all around Germany enables you to do just that. In addition to picking and packing your products, our facilities provide cutting-edge packaging choices and are licenced to handle a variety of goods.

5.000.000+ items shipped per year from byrd's German warehouses


125.000+ m² storage room in Germany

99,4% of the shipments from byrd are sent on time

Fulfilment Centres in Germany

Your packages can be delivered the following day to any federal area thanks to the network of byrd fulfilment centres throughout Germany. You may efficiently fulfil cross-border orders thanks to a number of logistics hubs located close to neighbouring nations.

  • 15 Centres
  • 125.000 m²
Berlin showcased on a map of Germany.


Our fulfilment warehouse in Berlin is the greatest place to start if you want to deliver your goods to customers in the city, and it's also in a prime spot for quick delivery to Poland.

  • 1 Centre
  • 4.500 m²
Bavaria showcased on a map of Germany.


Your starting point for effective delivery to the southern part of Germany and the entire DACH region is our Bavarian fulfilment centres.

  • 2 Centres
  • 32.000 m²


In Saxony, a few of our third-party logistics facilities are located near the German Eastern border. This enables you to supply customers in Poland or the Czech Republic in the best possible way.

  • 2 Centres
  • 4.000 m²
NRW region on a map of Germany.


Due to its high population, NRW not only represents a sizable e-commerce market but also a market with significant purchasing power. The geostrategic location of our fulfilment centres in North Rhine-Westphalia is extremely appealing. You can efficiently supply BENELUX nations in addition to domestic clients.

  • 4 Centres
  • 35.000 m²


Customers that utilise our Baden-Wurttemberg logistics warehouse appreciate its convenient location for shipping to Austria, Switzerland, and France.

  • 4 Centres
  • 44.000 m²

Lower Saxony

You can effectively meet the demands of your consumers in Northern Germany from this location. The location is also perfect for shipping orders to the Scandinavian countries.

  • 1 Centre
  • 3.000 m²


Our warehouse in Brandenburg, along with our metropolitan hub, can effectively supply the entire capital region. Additionally, it is a fantastic starting point for extending East because of its proximity to Poland.

  • 1 Centre
  • 3.500 m²

Benefit from byrd’s partnership with the bpost group company Radial

Our collaboration with Radial adds a new dimension to our European Fulfilment Network. Radial's renowned expertise of over 30 years in omnichannel commerce, serving global brands like Gymshark or Calvin Klein, now complements byrd’s innovative fulfilment solutions.

This collaboration enriches our network with an additional warehouse and advanced logistics solutions, ensuring your products are handled with the utmost care and professionalism. The warehouse in Halle offers 86,000 sq ft of space and is strategically located in central Germany. Being situated only 15 minutes from main carrier hubs, this enables late cut-off times and thus improves delivery speed for merchants and their online shoppers.

Radial partnership with byrd.

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Explore one of our 3PL warehouses in Germany by doing a virtual 360-degree tour

Would you like to get a closer look? Take a look inside our logistics center in Halle. It covers 8,000 m2 and is one of byrd's many German warehouses. Use the mouse or the arrow keys to use the 360° function. Click on the icons to go into other rooms and get a better insight from different perspectives.

Our German order fulfilment centres' capabilities

Our German network of 3PL centres allows you to keep stock at one or more locations. Any order request will start the order processing, and products will be selected, packaged, and shipped the same day. Your customers have access to our returns portal to return items, and we will take care of everything else. Rely on a thorough and well-established fulfilment process, enjoy peace of mind and save resources.

Picking & Packing

Through the seamless connection to your online store system, orders are transmitted in real-time. The picking of your packages can take place on the same day and be handed over to one of our close shipping partners.

You can chose between picking by single or multi-orders. Additionally, you can use solutions for customised packaging. Use your own supplies or pick from a variety of alternatives we offer.

Packaging options in Germany

  • Folding boxes of different sizes
  • Single box, Double box, Tripple box (transport of bottles)
  • Filling paper made from recycled paper (100% recyclable)
  • Envelope
  • LDPE shipping document envelope
  • Bookwrap
  • Air cushion envelope/air cushion c/3
  • CD packaging
  • Solid board shipping envelope
  • Paper & Polymer tape
  • Paper filler (brown) & Filler chips (black)
  • Customizable branding options
Packaging process at byrd


You will not only receive the best order fulfilment services. We also take great care to reduce any environmental impact. Among our certificates are the following:

  • Organic certificate (in cooperation with GLS)
  • Organic certificate
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • Handling and storage of dangerous goods
  • ADR 1.3 (coordination of dangerous goods regulations in road transport)
  • VDA: Certificate for suppliers in the automotive industry
  • Handling of alcohol and liquids
  • TÜV Nord: Certified service quality and excellent services

Specialty Storage

Food and organic items can be stored and order processed at our German fulfilment centres. Additionally, the temperature is controlled between 1-4° and 14-21°. Additionally, we offer storage and shipping services for fragile and in many cases dangerous goods. Batteries are one common example of this.

  • Handling of alcohol and liquids
  • Handling and storage of hazardous materials
  • ADR 1.3 (coordination of dangerous goods regulations in road transport)

Offer next-day shipping with the best logistics companies in Germany

What factors in delivery are essential to you and your customers? Our assumption that you're considering dependable and quick delivery at a reasonable price is probably not too far off. Of course, in the ideal scenario, these procedures should also be as green as feasible.

Is that accurate? We have specifically focused on these areas. You can guarantee that all of your national deliveries will arrive the very next day by obtaining access to a network that includes the best delivery services in Germany. In terms of logistics, you can compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon while maximising your advantages in other fields.

In terms of logistics, you can compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon while maximising your advantages in other fields.

DHL Go Green
GLS Klima Protect

Climate-neutral shipping options

Use our climate-neutral shipping options to increase your purchase rates while also doing good. All packages are sent using the most environmentally friendly methods feasible and any unavoidable emissions are offset by DHL GoGreen, DPD, and GLS KlimaProtect. There are no additional costs for you as a result of this!

Worldwide shipping from Germany

Would you like to export your goods worldwide from Germany? With byrd there is no trouble! On the one hand, we have a wide range of reliable global logistics partners. We prioritise upholding the highest standards while keeping an eye on the standing and popularity of local parcel delivery services. By doing this, you can build your customers' trust.

On the other side, you can benefit from our network of fulfilment centres that spans all of Europe. For instance, if you have a significant customer base in the UK, you can easily store some of your products in our logistics centre in the UK and expand your access to that market even more quickly and effectively.

By the way, with byrd you don't have to worry about customs clearance!

byrd's new warehouse software.
A large delivery

Special features of our German shipping services

The German market is ideal for using a cutting-edge e-commerce fulfilment setup. Because postal and shipping service providers are relatively cheap, parcel prices are favourable. The market also benefits from solid infrastructure and a strategic position.

Additionally, because Germany is a competitive market, companies are having to work harder to differentiate themselves from rivals in the logistics sector. It is not a coincidence that logistics has become Germany's third-largest economic sector.

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Why use byrd's German e-commerce fulfilment services

Shop systems, marketplace connections and ERP systems

With the help of our fulfilment centres in Germany, you can keep your goods close to consumers. Shipping distance is shortened as a result. The outcome? Increasing customer happiness and lowering environmental harm through quicker delivery and cheaper transportation.

With byrd, you can use a single powerful cloud-based platform to manage, outsource, and optimise all of your e-commerce logistics. A fully integrated order fulfilment solution and automated order processing are made possible through digital interfaces to several e-commerce platforms.

You can maintain a bird's eye perspective of the procedures while your resources are minimised. Additionally, complete flexibility is ensured, and your costs are directly related to the services you receive.

What Our Customers Say

"With byrd, we found a fulfillment provider that provides both sustainable delivery options and gets us closer to our customers with the different warehouse locations."
"To be competitive in France, fast service is really important for us. Our customers receive their parcel in 48 hours, which is amazing! We’ve also seen our lost parcel number decrease drastically which helps increase the overall customer satisfaction."

These companies are already shipping successfully with byrd

Retailers from diverse industries, sizes and countries already entrust their logistics to byrd.

The benefits of partnering with byrd for 3PL in Germany

Seamless Integration

With the byrd API you can smoothly integrate your existing ERP and merchandise management systems

Fair Prices

Advantageous conditions & flexible prices for reliable services

Same-Day Fulfilment

Orders received before 12:00 are handed over to delivery services the same day

delivery man

Next-Day Delivery

Your consumers will receive their orders the next day


Sustainable Shipping

Free carbon-neutral delivery in Germany

Efficient Expansion

Venture into foreign markets risk-free and grow at your own pace


Individual Packaging

Choose from numerous packaging options and take advantage of branding opportunities

post box

Returns Portal

Returns are no longer a problem with byrd. Use our customisable  returns portal  and byrds logistics setup.

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Our Berlin office

Berlin is our main location when it comes to the number of employees. We're proud to offer a great environment and a modern office to our beloved Berlin team here.

byrd technologies Germany GmbH
Ritterstraße 12-14
10969 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 3058849437
E-Mail: support@getbyrd.com

FAQs about byrd's fulfilment services in Germany

How fast will my items be delivered in Germany?

We are here to satisfy the high expectations of your customers. We provide same day fulfilment to ensure that your consumers receive their packages in 1-2 days.

Can shipping from Germany be made climate-neutural?

As a standard offering, our partners DHL GoGreen, GLS KlimaProtect, and DPD provide climate-neutral shipping. There is no additional cost for it. In addition, we compensate for the CO2 emissions our business generates. Learn more about our efforts to offer environmentally friendly fulfilment in Germany.

Which German delivery service handles my orders?

We work with theleading parcel servicesin each country. In Germany, your deliveries will be carried out by DHL, DPD, GLS, FedEx or Deutsche Post, depending on your needs and conditions. Through our close partnerships and our long-standing relationship of trust with these experienced partners, we have the opportunity to negotiate advantageous conditions and pass them on to you. In addition, we gain negotiating power through the enormous total shipping volume of our customers.

How large are byrd's German e-commerce warehouses?

Our fulfilment warehouses in Germany offer more than 125,000 square metres of storage space. The range extends from the smallest centre with just under 1,000 square metres to the largest e-commerce warehouse with 18,000 square metres. This allows us to find the best individual solution for you, depending on your requirements.

Where are the German locations of byrd's fulfilment centres?

byrd has more than 15 logistics centres in Germany. They are situated in key strategic hubs to effectively serve the German and European markets. By July 2023, Berlin, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, NRW, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Saxony all have modern warehouses connected to our European fulfilment network.

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