Game-Changing Fulfilment for E-Commerce. Businesses selling Toys in Europe

Expert 3PL Services for Toys, Games, Puzzles and More

Fulfillment von Haustierprodukten dargestellt durch die Software von byrd im Zentrum von Produkten für Haustiere

Game-Changing Fulfilment for E-Commerce. Businesses selling Toys in Europe

Expert 3PL Services for Toys, Games, Puzzles and More

Efficient E-Commerce Fulfilment for Toys

Welcome to the leading solution in toy fulfilment! We specialise in providing seamless fulfilment services for toys and games, catering to the dynamic needs of e-commerce businesses. Our expertise ensures your products are handled with the utmost care, delivered on time, and reach your customers in perfect condition. We have experience with companies in multiple markets and we know that this industry is characterised by peaks and seasonality. Don’t worry about that, we are well prepared.

Card Games, Board Games, Puzzles, Toys, and More - Fulfil Your Potential with byrd

Sync your online stores to a single fulfilment solution for real-time tracking of inventory, orders, restocking, and returns. Our software integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and 400+ online marketplaces, streamlining your operations and providing valuable operational insights into your business.

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Reliable warehousing, fast delivery, and efficient returns management for toys and games

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What Our Customers Say

"With byrd, we have found a partner that integrates our store system in just a few minutes and implements projects quickly."
"To be competitive in France, a fast service is very important for us. Our customers receive their parcels within 48 hours, which is fantastic! In addition, the number of lost parcels has dropped dramatically, which increases overall customer satisfaction."

Specialised Warehousing for Toys

In this industry, more than in most others, volatility, huge sales peaks, and seasonality are part of every company’s challenges. Our network has been built with that in mind. Hence, we guarantee robust, reliable, and fast operations at a fair price. Our 25+ fulfilment warehouses in 7 European countries allow you to strategically distribute your stock to reduce the distance of shipping routes. Consequently, shipping time, costs, and environmental impact can be minimised as well.

Craft Your Toy Storey: Unique Packaging Designs for Your Products

Packaging in the toys and games industry is much more than a simple cover; it represents your brand's identity and storey. Eye-catching and imaginative designs not only enhance brand presence but also captivate the attention of both children and adults in a competitive market. For toys and games, where excitement and joyful anticipation are paramount, effective packaging is crucial for creating an appealing first impression and preserving the integrity and allure of the products.

At byrd, we offer customisable packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs of the toys and games industry, ensuring that your products stand out and captivate your audience.

Packaging process at byrd
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Hit the Bullseye With Your Deliveries: byrd's Address Validation

Enhance your shipping with our Address Validation Feature! This handy tool double-cheques addresses, cutting down on carrier-caused returns and boosting customer trust. It quickly validates each address when you add a shipment, focusing on the proper format and real existence. Companies using it have seen returns drop by 40% in 2023 due to fewer address mistakes. This drives down logistics costs and reduces workload for the customer support team.

Checkmate to Success: Strategise with Toy & Game Bundles and Subscriptions

The toy and games industry offers companies an exciting opportunity to increase sales through the introduction of product bundles and subscription boxes. This approach can encourage customer loyalty and generate larger shopping carts, which in turn drives business growth. The industry, from educational toys to interactive games, is responding to the growing demand for diverse and innovative play experiences. As toys and games are increasingly valued for their educational and entertainment benefits, this sector offers the opportunity to score with creative product bundling and recurring subscription services.

Packaging process at byrd
Laptop Sendungen.

Play the Numbers: Efficient Tracking of Toys & Games with Serial Numbers

Serial number tracking in the toys industry offers a comprehensive supply chain history for each product, enhancing traceability and damage prevention:

  • Traceability: Each toy with a serial number is tracked via outbound movements, providing a detailed product history and improving inventory management.
  • Damage Prevention: In case of returns, serial numbers ensure the correct products are received back, reducing errors and losses due to damaged or incorrect items.

Fast and Reliable Shipping of Toys and Games

Our service streamlines your shipping processes, providing a real-time dashboard of orders, stock levels, and returns. This enhanced tracking ability accelerates order management, enriches customer experiences, and contributes to increased revenue growth.
byrd's carriers: dpd, dhl, colissimo, seven senders, post NL, post AT, DHL, DHL Express etc...

Board the Winning Ship: Make Toy and Game Delivery Your Superpower

Our service ensures your customers enjoy reliable and fast deliveries at competitive rates, thanks to partnerships with leading parcel services.

We offer:

  • Guaranteed same-day fulfilment for orders placed before noon.
  • Eco-friendly, climate-neutral delivery options.
  • Rapid 1-2 day delivery times.
  • Streamlined customs processes for hassle-free international shipping.

Play the Return Game Smartly: Transform Returns into a Winning Strategy for Your Toy Business

Efficiently managing returns, including the assessment and restocking of resalable items, is essential for a seamless customer experience in your competitive industry. To enhance this experience and ease the load on your support team, consider using byrd’s self-service returns portal. This allows customers to manage their returns easily, boosting their satisfaction and strengthening your brand's position in the marketplace.

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Game On for Global Growth: Expand Your Toy and Game Brand

Are you seeking to widen the reach of your brand? Embrace a single-source approach and tap into our strategically positioned fulfilment centres for games and toys across the EU and the UK. Enhance delivery speed and reduce environmental impact by utilising a warehouse in closer proximity to your cherished customers.
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